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email iconThe Library e-mail account is to be used primarily as a mechanism for the public to contact the Library Board. Any e-mails intended for the Board but sent to other e-mail addresses shall be replied to with a copy of the reply to the Library e-mail account, and the sender shall be advised to use the Library e-mail account for future correspondence.

Any e-mails sent by the public shall be presented by the Board President at the next scheduled monthly Board meeting at which time it shall be decided what-if any-response is to be made.
It is the Board President’s responsibility to send, or appoint another Board member to send, any e-mail responses to public e-mails as deemed appropriate by the Board. The President has the authority to respond to any public e-mail prior to the next scheduled monthly meeting if deemed necessary and appropriate to do so by the President, especially when doing so provides an opportunity to inform the sender of Board policy.

Board members may use the Library e-mail account to establish committee meeting times or agendas, but not to conduct Board business or make any decisions unrelated to setting meeting times or agendas.

Board members shall make every effort to use the Library e-mail account for correspondence related to Library matters and refrain from use of their own private and/or personal e-mail accounts for any Library-related discussions.

Approved by the Cuyahoga Falls Library Board of Trustees, October 21, 2014

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