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1978399_10151931726500356_807694815_o (1)We will post announcements from nonprofit, educational, cultural, or civic groups on the bulletin board in the entryway of the library. Please bring anything you would like to be posted to the library’s administrative office. Below is our board policy on the distribution and display of free material.

Distribution and Display of Free Material

The library will provide, at its discretion, limited space for the distribution and display of community information materials, free handouts, or the posting of flyers, notices, and posters. The bulletin board and information racks are only for use by local nonprofit organizations engaged in civic, educational, recreational, and cultural activities.

Materials promoting for-profit individuals or organizations, political campaigns or viewpoints, or doctrinal beliefs will not be accepted for posting or distribution. Petitions, advertisements, and job postings will also not be accepted for posting or distribution.

Distribution or posting of community information materials does not indicate the Library’s endorsement of the issues or events promoted by the materials.

No signs will be posted on the library entrance doors.

Due to limited space available for community information materials, only a limited quantity can be accepted.

Materials to be displayed should be delivered to the Administrative Office. Designated staff will post approved materials on the bulletin board and information rack. The Library will remove items that have not been approved for posting or distribution.

Community information materials cannot be returned once given to the library.

The Library Director shall make the final determination as to whether materials comply with the guidelines for distribution or display.

Approved by the Cuyahoga Falls Library Board of Trustees, April 19, 2005

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